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Stories of ‘new’ homelessness: closer than how you thinking … in Netherlands

Stories of ‘new’ homelessness: closer than how you thinking … in Netherlands

The extreme neo-liberalism in some country working good together with a class society, with this post we try to show some stories about homelessness that are getting closer than you would expect: it would be your family member, colleague or acquaintance …

Workaholic on the street
Chef Marco (33 years old) he was a perfect number of capitalist system working hard for growing the GDP. Together with someone he was considering a friend started a own hospitality business. Marco in this time made a mistake he never check the budget accounting, and is pay this mistake dearly because his partner in that time was stealing the social capital of the company and leaved Marco in debt. Than Marco is lost his house and couldn’t go anywhere because the social network around of Marco it’s composed of perfect individualist that using Marco to thinking are better of him because he having work house and money to offering a beer to Marco end growing the own ego with Marco homeless like all good imperialist.

You can apply again

Roderick (54) had always well-paid jobs after his studies. He traveled a lot and also lived abroad for a longer period of time. Seven years ago his work was automated and he was fired as a result. Than the big social system of Netherlands didn’t help Roderick that continued to applied and he was trapped from fake Russians recruiter that made Roderick in a apply loop until to use up all his savings to be able to continue paying his high rent and to ending Roderick on the street. Roderick become another victim of the second could war.

End of relationship

Dhani (28 years old) was married off at a young age. Her marriage did not last. This was already intense, but what made it extra hard was that Dhani’s family was Family only for Christmas and did not support the divorce, so she could not move in with them. Dhani despite the a job with salary was unable to rent a home because the real estate bubble is making the price of renting house more high than a job salary and force many people into slavery.

A street for the children

Yvonne (32 years old) ended up in a divorce. Both she and her husband went looking for a different living space, but because the real estate bubble they could not find accommodation. Yvonne is a Mather a in that time is understand that the ultra capitalist system is looking only about the money and don’t give importance about family or children, this establishment is only able to kidnap children from the family when see children in the street careless of the consequent psychological damage caused by the kidnapping.


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